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PushPull: a photography slideshow night in Sheffield

With artist and photographer Jessa Fairbrother I’ve been organising PushPull, a photography slideshow evening that’s going to be starting next month and running alternately at S1 Artspace and Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. Anyone who wants to gorge themselves on a diverse selection of photography slideshows from around the world is welcome to attend. We’ve already got some fabulous work in the pipeline to screen and are very open to further suggestions- feel free to contact us at pushpullphoto[at]gmail[dot]com.

Our first night is on Thursday 20th October, kicking off at 7pm, and will be taking place at Bank Street Arts. The second session will be at S1 Artspace on Thursday 24th November. Admission is free.

Photographers and/ or curators interested in screening their work at PushPull can find further details here.

PushPull is also on Facebook and on Twitter.


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