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Photo Finish: under starter’s orders

In May and June I worked on Photo Finish, a photography and sports project for primary school children initiated by the Sheffield Children’s Festival that tied into my residency at Bank Street Arts.

Unlike a more conceptual children’s photography project I worked on last yearPhoto Finish featured a heady cocktail of adrenalin, sweat, ear-splitting noise, and children instinctively photographing rapidly moving subject matter with very basic compact cameras. It also involved working with sufficiently large numbers of children to require the involvement of two assistant photographers- the unflappable Sabine Dundure and Tim Logan- to guide the children, help manage the sessions, and process a dauntingly high volume of photographs.

From 21st June, photographs that the children took are being displayed in venues around Sheffield, including Bank Street Arts, the Winter GardenPonds Forge, and Sheffield Cathedral. This is a handful of them:

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As well as demonstrating the liberating creative effects digitisation has had on photography, Photo Finish also underlined just how instinctively children are able to get to grips with technology. Each session kicked off with a short introduction that outlined the absolute fundamentals of photography before each child then had just 30 minutes to document the sporting activities in front of them. Some of the children who took part in the project were as young as 6 years old, yet were very quickly able to respond to an extremely challenging set of tasks.

More schools photography projects at Bank Street Arts are currently being developed. Contact me at andrewdconroy[at] for more details.

You can download a brochure with details of all this year’s Sheffield Children’s Festival’s projects here.

A wet November Tuesday in Burslem with New Education

I’ve spent a lot of the last 18 months documenting the rise to infamy of Stoke-on-Trent’s New Education.

On a freezing wet November night in Burslem in the North of the city, I was at their studio in advance of the release of ‘Arcane’, their third single for the Kids label. Things are hotting up. Radio One’s Zane Lowe is a huge fan, and their winter tour’s going to cover a lot of motorway.

These pictures were taken as we listened to the New Ed-approved Port Vale playing Torquay United, and show the moments immediately before and after Vale went ahead, and then when Torquay equalised.

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More New Education photographs are at


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